Overflow is mentioned in the Bible over 60 times. Some of the times it’s about the overflow of wickedness, evil, sin and trouble, but most of the times it’s about the overflow of God’s glory, goodness, provision, power and wisdom.

The dictionary defines overflow as:

  1. A great flow of something that overwhelms.
  2. A state or an instance of going beyond what is usual, proper, standard or needed.

The Word of the Lord revealed to Pastor Corey Erman:

God is making available a season of overflow for His people. I say a season, because nothing lasts forever. We are drawing near to the end of the age. The Day of the Lord draws nigh. The return of our Lord Jesus Christ is imminent. We must be prepared.

The preparation requires us to be filled to overflowing. We must receive more than enough – abundance. Many Christians receive just enough. Many more not even enough - less than enough. They have a “just getting by” mentality. However, they are not prepared. They are not ready for What’s Coming!!!

This overflow will prepare us for the final push. The greater works! The last move of God! We can only succeed if we live and minister out of the overflow. There is an overflow of wickedness, deception and evil like never before. The Devil is preparing the world for the final push towards the rise of the Antichrist. The Word of God is under the fiercest attack it has ever seen. People are ready to accept the One World Leader, One World Government and One World Religion.

There is a push the redefine marriage, gender, morality and truth. There is a push to redefine all borders and demolish all boundaries; not only physical, but also financial, moral, ethical and spiritual. The end time vision of Satan is no boundaries and no standards. He defines that as freedom, but its total bondage. That’s how people fall into the bondage of sin. They take the freedom of the flesh where there are no longer any boundaries.

God is also preparing His people with an overflow of His glory, His goodness, His provision and prosperity, His power and anointing, His wisdom and knowledge - to overflow in our lives. Only those who live out of the overflow will succeed and overcome in the final days.