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This is a 12-module Discipleship School designed to empower the believer to walk by faith in victory, teach core foundations of the Christian life and bring healing, deliverence and freedom into the believers life.

Weather you are a new believer or have been a Christian for a long time, you will receive great teaching, impartation and prayer ministry that will transform your life.


We worship together and then break up into men's and women's groups. Our amazing team will teach the classes and minister to you by the anointing through prayer.


  1. Making Jesus Lord
  2. Sanctification
  3. Holy Spirit Baptism
  4. How to study the Word of God
  5. Water Baptism
  6. Life of Prayer
  7. Learning to Forgive
  8. Commitment to the Lord
  9. Financial Stewardship
  10. Church Membership
  11. Evangelism
  12. Victorious Living