“Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?" — Psalm 85:6

We need fresh and constant revival in the church. Revival is such a popular word today. Many people are talking about revival, many want revival, many are even praying for it on a regular basis. Many books are written on the subject and many preach about revival. But very few experience true revival and live in a state of revival. The greatest need in the body of Christ today is continual revival. Revival is not for the world, but it is first for the church. What is revival? There are many misconceptions about revival. Revival is not just seeing great miracles, signs and wonders. Revival is not just everybody in the church falling on the floor, running and jumping around. Revival is not many sinners in the world getting saved. Revival is not just laughter and joy, weeping and dancing, shaking and falling. These are all external manifestations of something that is deeper and usually are seen as a part of revivals in the church. We can’t be seeking a touch all the time and seeking after manifestations. Having these manifestations in our lives and in the church does not make everybody holy. We must not seek manifestations, but seek the One who gives the manifestations.Revival is not just a touch from God, but a true change that takes place in the heart of each believer. True revival always begins with a deep conviction of sin and a true repentance in the heart of the believer. Every believer has to experience an individual revival in his/her heart. Your heart has to be completely surrendered to the Lord and He must be allowed to be the Master of each area of your life. When revival comes, it touches every area of your life. It touches your heart, mind, emotions, finances, your family, your job, your business, and your marriage. God becomes the center of your life. Everything you do, you do for Him. True revival begins in your heart as you completely fall in love with Jesus. He becomes all that you desire and live for. Your whole purpose in your life is to please Him and live in the sweet presence of Jesus. You allow the Holy Spirit to have complete reign in your life. It is time for every Christian to experience a true change and a refreshing revival in his/her life. Let the glory of God fill you and change you today!